Ideathon 2040Plurality

This page shows the passage submitted to Ideathon 2040Plurality, and the epilogue of the story. This page also shares the intention of specific settings. Visit 2040Plurality Ideathon page here for details. The proof of participation is shared here at Opensea.

Submitted part

Wake up

Opening his eyes on a sofa of grass here in the public park, he realized he fell asleep off guard. Akinori is walking in the park. Akinori is leaving a message to a good listener or collaborator. He is now at the physical venue of the asynchronous commemorating event beyond any boundary such as time, space, and country, meaning anything that you can imagine.

Asynchronous: events will have both asynchronous and synchronous experiences.

In a park

As part of his project at his one school which loosely assembles a learning cell about democracies, he is here to share today's event and ask walkers randomly about how the walker feels about one of the achievements in relation to the 20-plus years of progress of our civilization. The walker is preferably an older person who knows the history, definitely not in his learning cohort aged from 10 to 23, including 12 himself. Today is day 10 of month 10, of course, in the year 2040. Today's event marks the 10,000th park in the Northeast part of the region, a series of parks that acts as a carbon-absorbing, photosynthesizing and photovoltaic facility, all came true through collective efforts and decisions.

Park: Park in 2040 has various functions to serve society.

School: "schools" work as connecting people. The concept of "school" may include millions of microspaces virtually or physically to ensure the safety of constituents.

Safe in all spaces in different dimensions

He was sleeping as is often the case with him although his guardians always advise him to stay alert in public spaces although they say it has become much safer despite the highly diverse population in this city. He is luxuriously at the physical location to leave the message to ask questions to the future passer-by walker among others who has granted their general permission to randomly exchange non-harmful, warm messages through Shùwèi-friend (social media) in the language they prefers. He is here to explore the long road this region has come. His older guardians and collab-learning facilitators occasionally share the gradual advancement of humanity happening over the world, which has contributed to promoting a lot of safety in society while it observes the rule of non-intrusive surveillance. What he can't imagine because he can walk safely at a relatively later in the day for him, around 7 pm.

Geopolitical landscape: it has been evolving due to attacks in versatile forms including microvirus to a large ship cavalier, brutal charge against ports. Many of which are sanctions in treaties and have highly efficient counter measures to neutralize, co-developed by many.

Social media: cross-monitored media have enabled all the citizens to join and contribute to any groups. As it seems natural even now, anyone can join any causes, safely with assistances by GAI and fellow citizens.

Humanity through democracy

His co-parenting guardians (co-parenting is an obsolete expression, though) appreciate what has happened to most of the world in the last 20 years and wish that a similar kind of life choice will become available to a few remaining countries. They say the change began with the gradual shift from party politics to highly granular and prompt reflections of the voices of people, not through elections by which wishes are heard and implemented through the discussion of those elected by votes. The movement bubbled up from all over the world and more so from the places where different groups of people in close geographical areas have adjusted the story of plurality to the audiences of different causes, beliefs, and social classes. Interestingly major influences came from the younger generation, around the age of 8 to 16, who started a combination of conversation forums about the future of our world, including channels about technologies, health, and happiness which ultimately funneled many people from different walks, locations and age groups into the topics around politics because people found the government is ultimately the system that drives and controls the future and the changes for the future.

Political systems: even though its predecessor emerged more than 20 years ago, it takes decades to form differently representing political system, away from traditional party politics.

Powerful military forces to infinite people power

He lives in the region called 湾西 which broadly and literary means the west side of the area facing the Pacific Ocean. The region is composed of member nations, China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. Military conflicts used to mean potential threats and instabilities to the order of surrounding countries, the region and the world. However, with the advent of "angel eyes" (anti-ballistic attacks), "hawk eyes" (anti-drone/insect attacks), "dolphin tail" (anti-submarine intrusion), and "hagging wall" (anti-cyber attacks), those agents on the air and land as well as under the sea safeguard whole areas of the globe under the control of an ultimate organization called the United People redefined from the former UN. In conjunction with countermeasures against violent attacks, large or small, attacking VIPs has become less effective because the ways to represent a country became more and more distributed.

Military powers: hyper self-defense mechanisms developed in a multilateral coalition eliminate the unwelcomed conflicts between nations and cultures. As explained, the autonomously guarding robots that operates with an ensenble of mutlple OS's has leveled the playing field.

Plurality versed democracy powered by technology

The people in the region just like in other regions share the basic rules of living in the society, not to harm others, and accept the multi-versed views on preferences, religions, languages and beliefs that are naturally shared across the countries of the old concepts. Dialogues among people in the region advance the treaties and friendships, and even foreign affairs in the region. A deck of much more effective and delicate consensus-forming and policy-building mechanism help countries collaboratively and cooperatively stay independent and in power. Archaic consensus-building tools that emerged around 2020 in Taiwan have been transformed into still evolving different tool sets and mindsets through the power of communities across the globe that hope to drive the world for the better.

Health and agriculture through collaboration

Many available tools, open minds, and non-violent, healthier competition accelerated research in any field through much more transparent and collaboration-enhanced policies adopted across the globe. In many places, mega hydroponic cultures in multi-layer buildings are stationed in logistically sound locations so that those plants can serve people at relatively lower costs than they used to be. Likewise, health care is available with fine distribution of wealth, human/near-human workforce.


Answers from the park visitors - online, physical, and telepresence

A few hours later, Akinori received reply messages about the impressions of the event and its implications in history, meeting requests with preflight messages of those contacted (used in pre-meeting artificial discussion to prepare discussion participants to form opinions, inform unconscious biases and potentially offensive conflicts), and unwelcomed troll-type people in the part of society. All of the responses written in the language spoken by the walkers are full of diverse opinions but have similar appreciation toward mechanisms and people that allow co-existing values and beliefs in the vicinity. Society also has a mechanism and human touch to support trolls to feel more relaxed with the warm conversation.

Learning cell convenes

All cell members gather to converse about findings and things to contribute to society, joined by visiting participants from different time zones and all the regions over the world with similar interests. Everyone enjoys discussion to advance society further.