Arbitrary option settings

"Arbitrary option settings" allows you to configure certain behaviors.
1) "vocab": allows users to set a list of target vocabulary. The listed words are checked and highlighted if one is used in vocabulary table.
2) “calling functions”: sets functions to appear in each pane. The hierarchy of the calling functions will follow the below structure. 
{"vocab":["medical","designated"],"calling_functions":{"/show2":{"frequency":10, "function_list": [{"from":0, "to": 2, "function_name": "get_default_sample_1x"},{"from":3, "to": 5, "function_name": "get_vocab_coverage"},{"from":6, "to": 9, "function_name": "get_turn_taking"}] }}}

Configuration details

“calling functions” will take the following form. <area_name> will be either “/show” or “/notification”. <loop_unit>will be duration in second of a single set of functions.

{ <area_name> : { "frequency": <loop_unit>,
"function_list": [ 
   {"from": <from>, "to": <to>, "function_name": <function>},
   {"from": <from>, "to": <to>, "function_name": <function>}
{ <area_name> .... }


Example 1