Arbitrary option settings

"Arbitrary option settings" allows you to configure certain behaviors.
1) "vocab": allows users to set a list of target vocabulary. The listed words are checked and highlighted if one is used in vocabulary table.
2) “calling functions”: sets functions to appear in each pane. The hierarchy of the calling functions will follow the below structure. 
This example shows
A) for "vocab" area, two words, medical and designated, are set as target language.
B) for "calling functions" settings, two areas, /notification and /show, are defined. The first area, /notification, will show the output of get_default_sample_1 for the period of 0 second to 2 second and the result of get_vocab_coverage from the 3 second to the 5 second.
{"vocab": ["medical", "designated"], "calling_functions": {
     "/notification": {"frequency": 6,
                          "function_list": [{"from": 0, "to": 2, "function_name": "get_default_sample_1"},
                                            {"from": 3, "to": 5, "function_name": "get_vocab_coverage"}]},
  "/show": {"frequency": 10, "function_list": [{"from": 0, "to": 2, "function_name": "get_default_sample_1"},
                          {"from": 3, "to": 5, "function_name": "get_vocab_coverage"},
                          {"from": 6, "to": 9, "function_name": "get_turn_taking"}]}}}

Configuration details

“calling functions” will take the following form. <area_name> will be either “/show” or “/notification”. <loop_unit>will be duration in second of a single set of functions.

{ <area_name> : { "frequency": <loop_unit>,
"function_list": [ 
   {"from": <from>, "to": <to>, "function_name": <function>},
   {"from": <from>, "to": <to>, "function_name": <function>}
{ <area_name> .... }


Example 1