The power of captions


This page proposes an alternative way to follow conversations passively and more efficiently. Saved captions of such discussion may save millions of hours of us.

FOMO is the arch-enemy of me in the recent months. I spend countless hours to join a lot of passive activities where, at first, I am reluctant to contribute to the group, but also afraid that I may feel some urge to jump in and to start participating in discussion or information sharing. That initial passivenss comes from many thoughts and biases toward the kind of the activities. In the begining, For example, I often feel that the conversation will be counter-productive, meaningless and argumentative. I might miss the opportunity to enrich the interaction, but it is usually not the case because my prespective is quite similar to the opinions of the other participants or is deemed to be unnecessary for the group.

Voila! I started reading recorded captions of a call, meeting, or Space conversation using my own tool, due commented by a party, for the ones that may need me less. Of course, humans have different preferences on how to absorb information, but I prefer to scan and read saved texts to save a small portion of my FOMO.


1. notify me when a service finishes subtitling and compiling a summary of the discussion.

2. prompt me to join a conversion where my voice may contribute to the discussion.

Action needed (by, this time, Twitter)

Here are some tweets to ask expert advice for the use of the sample tool. I wish I will have a conversation that may lead to help many utilize Spaces more.

2 (a). Initial tweet after I sent direct message to @TwitterSpaces

2 (b) Tweet to @paraga and others